Sunday, 22 May 2011

14 new moths for Flimwell

A very rainy weekend in Glasgow has let me sort out a few moth records for Flimwell from my recent spring sojourn in the Weald. We managed to record 44 species and add 14 species to the list (some of which, like Brimstone Moth and May Highflyer, I was surprised weren’t already on it). 14 more and we hit the magic 200… It was good to find Orange Footman, Pebble Hook-tip etc and in the trap one morning four species of Notodontidae: Swallow, Coxcomb, Great and Pale Prominents (but sadly no Marbled Brown or Lunar Marbled Brown - maybe the timing was wrong or perhaps they do not come to a feeble Actininc lamp?). Coxcomb Prominent (below) was new for the site.

Thanks to Pat Bonham of the Sussex Moth Group for checking my three late April pugs (another new pug for the site, Foxglove Pug, was added to the list on 8th May).

A list of the addtions follows the pictures below of three of them.

Coxcomb Prominent - Ptilodon capucina
Treble Lines - Charanyca trigrammica
The Miller - Acronicta leporina
Currant Pug 30/04/2011
Dwarf Pug 30/04/2011
Coxcomb Prominent 30/04/2011
Agonopterix ocellana 30/04/2011
Pebble Hook-tip 08/05/2011
May Highflyer 08/05/2011
Rivulet 08/05/2011
Foxglove Pug 08/05/2011
Tawny-barred Angle 08/05/2011
Brimstone Moth 08/05/2011
Brown-tail (caterpillar) 08/05/2011
Shuttle-shaped Dart 11/05/2011
Miller 11/05/2011
Treble Lines 11/05/2011

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  1. Beautiful photos you are taking.

    Can I ask if you, with your extensive expertise, can identify the moth my friend has hanging about her house (She lives near Vancouver, BC).